Introduction to Amiga Trainers

Amiga Trainers are short intros on the Commodore Amiga designed to enhance the gaming experience by allowing users to activate different trainers and cheats.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience

At, we offer a collection of Amiga Trainers that provide gamers with the ability to unlock various cheats and modifications in games. These trainers are designed to extend gameplay and offer new ways to enjoy classic Amiga titles.

Explore Short Intros

Amiga Trainers feature short intros that provide users with options to activate trainers such as infinite lives, unlimited ammo, and other gameplay enhancements. Each trainer intro is a gateway to discovering hidden features within Amiga games.

Discover the Amiga Gaming Scene

Our collection of Amiga Trainers reflects the creativity and innovation of the Amiga gaming scene. These intros showcase the technical prowess and ingenuity of developers who created trainers to enrich gameplay.